The Art of Gifting

We're often asked for help with gift giving, especially around Christmas-time.  Everyone seems to have so much to do, so little time, so many people who seem difficult to gift.  This reality always makes me wonder about this idea of gifting, about what it's really all about.  "It's the thought that counts" is something we've all heard -- and I think it's true, just possibly not in the way most people hear it!  What do I mean?

As simply as I can say it:  The best gift is a symbol of a good thought we have about someone.  It is the Thing which is meant to communicate the Feeling in all its detail.  It's a bit like telling a story, and the trick is finding that item that connects with that story.  As in:  Sure, you respect your chemistry teacher; but what about that great lesson she shared about combustion?  Remind her how much you learned by gifting her a candle, with a card explaining what you know!

Or how about your beloved Grandma?  Why not remind her of all the fun you had baking cookies with her when you were little?  A wood or glass ornament in the shape of Gingerbread is something little she can hang on a tree or in a window; A Byers' Choice figure of Grandma Baking is something she can easily use to decorate a small shelf; a German smoker of a lady with cookies on a tray can actually stand in her kitchen year round and remind her of how much you treasure those memories.

Your favorite employees?  Thank them for all the time spent on that recent nightmare project with a smart desk clock - or one with a Dinosaur sound.  Your difficult Dad? A hand-wrought Tavern Puzzle out to tell him with a smile how challenging he is.  Your new friend?  An Inge Glas bottle of wine, in anticipation of the hospitality & good times to come.

There are more examples, but you get the idea.  And it's ultimately about you and your story anyway.  So why not take a minute to tell some stories about the people you would like to gift.  Then bring those stories to us and we'll help you to bring them to life with the perfect gift!