Birgit Uhlig - Illuminated Houses

Since 1898 Olbernhau, Germany, has been a center for the manufacturing of illuminated houses, almost always via small family “factories.” One of the oldest such factories was that of Frieda Seifert; however, since this family was without children the production under this name finished some time around 1970. It was some time after 1990 that the well-known toy factory VERO of Olbernhau started production with newly designed items.

Birgit Uhlig started the production of her work in 1998 in her own small factory at home. The designs are created together with her husband, Uwe Uhlig, and he is the man who does the actual construction of the houses. In their offering they have several churches which are historic to the Erzgebirge region, the "Frauenkirche" of Dresden, and many houses typical of the regional style.

The material for the houses is a special cardboard called (in German) “beermet”, in a thickness of 1.5 mm, which, because of its strength, does not lose its shape. Birgit and Uwe order this highest quality cardboard in clear white and then it is colored by them. Some details are wooden, for example: outside trims or edges, church spires, the bases. Their snow is ground glass.

The only machine work on these houses is the cutting or punching of the cardboard -- all the rest of the assembly and decorating is done completely by hand. As an example of the painstaking work which goes into these heirlooms, The Uhligs tell us that the model "Church of Seiffen" needs 87 hand-work steps before it can be carefully packed it into the box for shipping to us.

We hope you will enjoy your new heirloom - a beautiful piece of living history!

With best wishes, from our family to yours,

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