Byers Choice
Byers Choice

These American made dolls evoke holiday celebrations of a time gone by.

Byers Choice dolls are made in Chalfont Pa. by those who love Christmas and all its wonder. From the "Cries of London" series which evoke different street vendors and their wares, to the beautiful "Colonial Williamsburg" series which remember the colonials, the sheer variety of characters makes collecting these figures fun and a personal experience. Each figure is the result of many artists' work -- from the crafter of the clay faces, to the one who makes the bodies from wire & paper, to those who do the careful dressing -- and so no two are ever alike. Many dolls come as doll "families" with a mother, a father, a young girl and a young boy, all clothed similarly with a unifying color scheme. What fun to find your family!

Gentle Spirits
Gentle Spirits

We chose to stock the Gentle Spirits line of chimes from Virginia first & foremost because of their incredible sound. But the more we learned, the happier we were with our decision. These elegantly simple, hand-tuned, high-quality chimes with excellent tones and resonance, are assembled in Manassas from all USA sourced components -- and with the right engineering: the wind sail and the space between tubes is large enough and the space from the clapper to the tubes is small enough to allow for the most gentle of breezes to release the sound from these chimes. Add the lifetime warranty on the tubing and the 5 year warranty on the cording, and we feel these chimes are an excellent investment. And if the chime should come untied after the warranty is over...? The company will retie any of their chimes for a small service charge. Come visit us and you'll hear these magnificent wind chimes as you enter our shop, hanging from our entry awning and swaying gently in the Hudson River breezes...

Woodstock Chimes
Woodstock Chimes

For pleasing visual/wind art, we choose Woodstock Chimes for their range in size and sound balanced with engaging visual decoration. From the "Eastern Energies" collection whose inspiration are grounded in the knowledge of the ancient knowledge of the chakra system, to the cast tree bells, to those evoking the southwest and other climes, these chimes are beautiful expressions of healing earth and sound energy. There's one suited to every mood and life occasion.

Inge Glas
Inge Glas

Inge Glas from Germany is family run, and has produced glass decorations for over 450 years. Some of our favorite ornaments are the beautiful, mouth- blown glass birds. Colors are as varied as nature: bright pinks, deep purples and violets, soothing blues and greens and many different naturalized shades. Some tails are the traditional fiber-glass; others are made of delicate feathers. The old tradition says that birds in cages kept the glass blowers company through long wither nights after Weinacht has passed, reminding them of warmer summer days to come. Other tradition says that the birds brought special messages from God and that these little glass cardinals, delicate bluebirds, and soft copper wood thrushes were a reminder of these joyful messages from Heaven.

Meissenberg Designs
Meissenberg Designs

Quirky and humorous vintage-style wall hangings for those with an eclectic mind. Made in Montana, these customizable designs are printed on wood or metal in a fabulously retro style which are just plain fun. And the best part is that any design can be customized with family names or favorite place names at no extra charge! Whether it is a tongue in cheek fishing sign or our beautiful "Down the Shore" sign in rich summer colors, there's something for everyone.

Retro Pets
Retro Pets

We love our pets -- and these fun works of Aarf! made by our friend Krista out in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Inspired by pets she's met, each print evokes the special personality of the various dog breeds and bossy kitties we live with. Whether your pet is a scampering Scottie, a lovable Lab or a Hypno Kitty, there's an art print for you.

Erzegebirge Angel & Miner
Erzegebirge Angel & Miner

These figures tell the fuller history of this region now known for its woodcraft: before there was wood-crafting, there was mining in these Ore Mountains, and the Angels were with those who went underground for the ore... The wood turned figures we stock come in a variety of sizes, but most are in the traditional shapes. The Fuechtner family (the inventor of the first nutcrackers) makes a beautiful pair of candle lit Angel and Miner Pyramid figures, whose bells make delicate soft sounds as their paddles turn. Other designers reference these figures in arches, ornaments, tea light holders and more... A rich bit of storytelling!


The beautiful Russian art form of nested dolls, called Matrushkas, is expressed in a myriad of different paint colors and paint styles.

Some are lacquered to a bright sheen; some are done in water color, and yet others combine water color and wood burn technique into a beautiful whole. Most are 5 nests, yet we have some up to 10 or 20 nests. We have Tchaikovsky matrushkas, old Baba Yaga matrushkas, some with depictions of St Basils square on them, all handcrafted by independent Russian artists and imported by our friend Alex.

NeQwa Inside Painted Ornaments
NeQwa Inside Painted Ornaments

These exquisitely painted ornaments are made by talented artists who paint on the inside of a glass ornament to showcase the paint color and give it a brilliant sheen. Each ornament comes packed in a gorgeous satin lined case with a certificate of authenticity and perfect for gift giving! NeQwa in the Chinese language means "Inside painted art" and these ornaments are created by a legion of talented artists including the stylized native peoples painting style of Nathalie Parenteau to the softly resonant painting style of Susan Winglet, all beautiful for that special place on you Christmas tree.

Dept 56 Dickens Village
Dept 56 Dickens Village

Imagine a cold wintry wind blows through an old English village as drifts of snow pile up next to the door. You can see the old codger trudging through the deep drifts of your Dept 56 Dickens Village. Past Cratchits Corner house, all gables and steep roof and chimneys. He trudges past Boar's Bacon with hams he won’t buy for his faithful Bob Cratchit. He slogs through to T. Watlings Ships and Sails, with its ship dry docked next to it. Past both the West Lott Chapel and the Bluebird Cottage (Bah! Humbug!). Around the corner is Joseph Edwards Tea Cottage, its warm windows misted by the cozy fireplace inside as he finally gets to his house, Scrooge's House. What or who waits for him inside?

Dept 56 Halloween Village
Dept 56 Halloween Village

Ghosties and Ghoulies and witches and Goblins lurk around your Dept 56 Halloween Village. The fly past Croak and Haggard Mortuary with its caskets piled high next to it and scream with delight past the orange flickering trees in front of Dr Lunatics Lab (What could he be up to under that glowing Orange dome???) Moans of delight accompany them past the Black Widow Dating Service with its creepy purple light. Grimsley's House Of Oddities makes its presence known with that "Thing" trying to break out of its cage (Shiverrr!!) All these spooky houses are available at our store, come and partake! Mwa-ha-hahaha!

Halloween Village at Hickory Dickory Dock

Grandfather Clock
Floor Clocks

Originally called “tall case clocks,” these are clocks which were originally cabinets built around weight driven wall clocks, with the idea of improving accuracy by protecting the clocks working parts. Some time later they earned the nick name “grandfather” clocks because so often people had inherited the clocks, as in, “This was my grandfather’s clock…” And the name has stuck. Today the clocks range in style and cabinet production methods from the ultra-traditional, antique reproduction pieces we import from Comitti of London to the contemporary Ty Pennington creations we select from Howard Miller. Visit our showroom and you’ll also see one-of-a-kinds and retired cabinets which occasionally make us sigh, “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to…” Movements are almost always German 8-day, weight driven mechanical, but there are some nice cabinets around quartz movements, too.

Gallery Clocks
Gallery Clocks

We use this term for wall clocks of diameters from 18” and up, clocks which are perfect for decorating and filling those walls where… you’re just not sure you want a painting.  They’re also great in the higher elevations of cathedrals spaces at home.  Sizes go up to 40” though most we sell are an easy-to-place 23”.  Favorite brands include Howard Miller and the Timeworks designs.

Kids Clocks - Duck
Kids Clocks

Our new favorite maker for clocks for the nursery or kids’ rooms is the Moonlight and Roses company of California. They’ve got beautiful vintage images and they assemble everything in the USA to the highest quality we’ve seen anywhere.  Clocks are 10” and there’s an image for everyone.

Other suggestions include the classic Kitcat clocks or the smaller Kitty Cats in limited edition colors or our fun, fun, fun animal sounds clocks.

Comitti Mantel Clock
Mantel Clocks

For most people, this pair of words conjures the image of what “clock people” refer to as a tambour clock: a wide, sloping bell curve shaped clock which has a round face, most often with a Westminster chiming movement.  But the category is filled with clocks of all shapes, sizes and sounds, suitable for a fire place mantels and places like side boards and book shelves.  The best cabinets are wrapped around striking or chiming movements in both mechanical and quartz regulated versions.  Some of our favorites are the beautiful little bell striking clocks from England.

Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks

When we use the term, we’re referring to chiming clocks in well-made cabinets.  As in mantel clocks, this can mean a clock running with a mechanical movement or a quartz-regulated, battery powered movement.  The sound varies by the size of the cabinet for the most part:  the larger cabinets with vertical chime blocks have the deepest tones, while some of the more petite cabinets might have antique style gong strike sounds.  Some of the most beautiful cabinets, made in mahogany with decorative inlay, for example, come from Comitti of London; most of the elegantly simple, rarer “regulators” (named for the accuracy achieved with their weight driven movements) come from Hermle of Germany.

French Sugar Clock from Floating Circus
Kitchen Clocks

Or shall we say, “clocks for the kitchen”? This is such a wide category! For some it means a clock small enough for a soffit space; for others, it’s a retro/vintage art design; for others, it just needs to be beautiful. We’ve been selling clocks to suit these needs from a large number of vendors over the years. Our favorites include the designs from Timeworks; the vintage ad art clocks from a small company from New Orleans named Quality Time; the more classic images from Moonlight & Roses; and, lately, these great mid-20th century reproductions of animated clocks from a vendor in NYC, including the beloved Luigi Chef.

Wood Wick candles from Virginia Candle Company
Turkey candle card
Wood Wick, Ribbonwick, & Northern Lights Candles

We have been working with these USA companies for years now and we’re proud & excited to continue offering their exceptional products:

The Wood Wick candles from Virginia Candle Company are the best candles we’ve ever carried: a soy/paraffin blend with a wooden wick and extraordinary fragrance oils, they are long burning and incredibly efficient at providing fragrance for rooms of all sizes. Their delicate crackle just adds to the ambiance by evoking the first sounds a fire makes in winter or maybe the sound of summer rain when you listen from a porch.

Also made by Virginia Candle Company, Ribbonwick Candles combine the same high-quality wax and fragrance oils we've come to love in the Wood Wicks with a unique metal wick that creates a graceful S-shaped glow. Their glass and ceramic containers make them beautiful centerpieces and make for interesting planters or other decor pieces once the candle is fully burned through.

Northern Lights Candles is a lesser known company but their quality is also beyond compare. Some of their products they make themselves, other goods they import. But you can count on them for the innovative, the unique and the unexpected. We happily sell their German-made tapers in all sorts of seasonally appropriate colors; we love their “bottelabra” which converts any wine bottle into a taper holder; and our new favorite is the “candle card” which is a scented candle in a decorated glass holder – perfect for that unusual hostess gift.

Ornamental Lights
Commercial grade LED and other decorative lights

We carry a variety of decorative lights - from the straightforward white or multi-colored Christmas lights, to mood-setting Halloween lights, to grape cluster lights. No matter the time of year, we can help you illuminate your life just a little bit more.

Glass Ornaments
Themed Ornaments, In Glass, Fabric & Wood

Themed ornaments, in glass, fabric & wood for:

  • Beach & Ocean lovers
  • Vacation fun
  • Animals & nature –  Lions and Tigers and… Dinosaurs, Oh My!
  • Hobby & Man Land – Sewing to Surfing, Tools, Beer and More
  • Kids’ stuff! – and things to get for the Tweens: PDA’s, sneakers, sports and more
Alpine Beer Hall
Dept 56 Alpine Village

We stock many of the houses and figures from this set because it reminds us of our visits to Germany.  A great, smaller Village collection for anyone, it’s particularly nice if you’d like also to tell the story of Christmas with a German feel.  We’re happy to special order anything for you -  if it’s available, we’ll do our best to get it!

City Firehouse
Dept 56 Christmas in the City

We’re just starting to stock this Village in response to input from our customers.  Some of the newest buildings include a great Fire House, a new Town House and an old-timey Church.  We’re happy to special order anything for you -  if it’s available, we’ll do our best to get it!

Advent Calendars
Advent Calendars

A tradition for many families for generations, paper advent calendars from Germany are, for some, unexpected find in our shop. We’ve heard from many people how difficult it is to find them and they’re happily surprised when the see them here. We do our best to keep them year-round, but of course we have many more to choose from as Advent approaches, beginning in September.

Carl Jaeger logo
Carl Jaeger Incense

We regularly carry Knox, Carl Jaeger and Huss incense, all from Germany, in sizes to suit our smokers, large and small. Fragrances will vary with the seasons, but we do have some Christmas scents in the shop year-round for gifting!

Snowman Ornament
Woodcraft Ornaments from the Erzgebirge

These include painted items from Hubrig and Ulbricht, as well as some unusual glass and wood combinations from a new company named Titze which feature hand-painted Thuringwald glass with fine wood cuts.  You’ll also find “reiffendrei” (hoop turned) birds and animals represented in wood ornaments as well as table top miniature sets.  This is a special wood turning skill that only about 9 people in the Erzgebirge have and is a particularly cool bit of crafting.


Invented in the 19th century by Herr Fuechtner, in the small town of Seiffen, in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountain) region of Germany, Nutcrackers became best known in the US most likely as a result of the Nutcracker Suite ballet. The original nutcrackers were always Kings, Princes, Soldiers and the like (hence Herr Drosselmeir bringing a Prince to Clara). The reason behind this? It’s all about a play on words: in the German language, to “crack a nut” is to solve a difficult problem. Back in the centuries before Germany was a democracy, the every-day person had always to appeal to his prince to solve the most difficult problems. And so it made sense: to crack your nuts at dessert time, you’d need a King or a Prince.

Smokers, a.k.a, Smoking Men or “Rauchermanner”

Associated with blessings and good luck, these incense burning figures enjoy a longer history than Nutcrackers, reaching back to a time when most everyone burned incense to chase bad spirits or seek blessings, both in and out of church. The earliest figures had clay faces and wooden bodies; today’s figures are almost always all wood, with a metal plate inside upon which to rest the incense cone. While most figures are pipe-smoking male characters, there are more and more artists creatively working the smoking idea into female characters such as bakers with cookies sheets, women hikers gathering herbs, professionals taking a tea break and more. We sell many, many Father Christmas smokers around Christmastime, but some of the most engaging designs are traditional hobbies and occupations of the German culture and certainly make wonderful gifts year round, whenever you want to send a Good Luck! wish.

Ino Schaller
Ino Schaller

Founded in the 19th Century, the Schaller factory is one of the few family factories still in operation as such in the Coburg area of Bavaria, just on the edge of the Thuringen forest region. Known best now for the reproduction candy container Santa figures, Thomas and his sister are continuing also to produce antique style flocked ornaments and Easter decorations just like their father and grandfather made. We’re happy to visit Thomas once a year to see his small production factory and hand-select the finishes we’ll carry for the year. It’s always a joyous experience of discovery to see what’s been created new each year and we enjoy sharing that with our collectors. Call us any time to hear the expected arrival date of this years’ selections!

Zöller & Born Beer Steins
Beer Steins

We work with three family factories for our German Beer Steins import: King Werk; Thewalt; and Zoeller & Born. Each factory and company has its own specialty and focus, but all of them our working in and around the Rheinland city of Koblenz where the clay is good for steins and other ceramic work.

The company King Werk often innovates with the unusual. For example, they’ve been doing a series of animal diorama steins featuring fox, wolf, boar and deer for many years.

The Thewalt factory focuses its efforts on the truly traditional. In business for 3 long generations, since the 19th century, they have the oldest molds and have the longest history of working with German folk artists to decorate their steins. Our favorites from them include the series of Germanic Knights in various colors and guises and their highly detailed stein celebrating the history (and end!) of the Berlin Wall.

The Zoeller & Born company is a pair of brothers and their wives, and they balance between the souvenir market and the more traditional items celebrating German history and culture. We particularly like their steins featuring the Deutsche Eagle and the crests of the German states.

Cuckoo clocks come from Germany’s Schwarzwald
Cuckoo Clocks

The only true cuckoo clocks come from Germany’s Schwarzwald, known in English as the Black Forest. This is actually where clock making was invented; cuckoos are a 17th century off-shoot of the clock technology which saw its start much earlier. The first cuckoos were modified, time-strike shield clocks (a shape we recognize from grandfather clock dials) which included the clever bellows arrangement necessary to create the “coo coo” sound.

Today’s cuckoos can range from the antique reproductions of these early shield clocks all the way to new, contemporary designs in bamboo and hand-painted boxes made by our friends Conny and Ingolf Haas, but also include the more familiar chalet houses, hunting carvings and birds and leaves designs which we carry from each of three factories. We invite you to read more, below:

Hoenes – A factory best at whimsy and novel design, with some great favorites being the Black Forest Maiden Bell Ringer series.

Anton Schneider – The largest factory exporting around the world, with a clock in every size and every style, from traditional birds & leaves to grand chalets.

Garden Flower
Girl with bird statue
Statues & Garden Art

We stock a range of decorations for the garden. Some items are as simple as reclaimed metal garden stakes; others are as beautifully crafted as any stone statue of old. Buddha images and images of children and Saints; cast iron frogs and owls; cast stone rabbits and snails; rustic painted flowers from Georgia – they’re all available year round!

Bobbo cat birdhouse

From the fanciful to the elegant to “green,” birdhouses come to us in the form of cats, frogs, fish; Victorian period houses; USA-sourced redwood from Virginia; and “do-it-yourself” recyclable cardboard gift sets which are a great gift for the crafty kids in your life. We also sell Made in USA cedar bat houses to help house the local population of mosquito controllers.

Birdhouses at Hickory Dickory Dock

Dragonfly Fountain
Water Fountains

Nothing brings a sense of peace & calm quite like the sound of water flowing. Indoors or outside for three seasons, the water fountains of Alfresco Home are the most beautiful and functional we’ve seen: hand-made ceramic from Viet Nam is paired with the highest quality pumps to produce a piece of art that is easy to own & enjoy. No need for special water or care, other than to protect the ceramic from freezing temperatures if you keep it outside. We stock a variety of styles year-round. Special orders are also possible.

Skeleton Hat

Hats & Masks to dress up any outfit are fun and easy to wear. Are you a… Good Witch? Bad Witch? Or something else altogether….?

Owl Night Light

Changing the mood for the changing season can be as easy as adding just one or two little accessory items.

We love the night lights we carry from Midwest-CBK for this reason.

And we love the unexpected.

Giant, glittered skulls? Sure. Hand-painted canvas pumpkins? Yep. Turkeys made from preserved leaves & twigs? Absolutely.

And high-quality taper candles from Germany will finish your decorating in any season….

Celtic Jewelry
Celtic Jewelry

A gift is always more thoughtful and a purchase alwasy more meaningful when it resonates as something deeper than simply an item in a box. We are constantly searching for things to stock that connect with us on a deeper level than a commercial one. That's why, after spotting these Celtic necklaces at a trade show, we decided it was time to stock jewelry for the first time in a long time. Designed by a Scotsman and then licensed to a porcelain company in Michigan, these pieces combine traditional imagery with US-made material. Each box includes an explanation of the symbolic meaning of the design.

The themes on these necklaces are universal; things like Wisdom, Friendship, and Spiritual Growth. These themes spoke to us, and we hope they speak to the people who visit our store.

Rombach and Haas
Rombach and Haas
Rombach and Haas

Our friends Conny and Ingolf Haas make extraordinary Black Forest clocks, from Antique Reproductions to the most modern of one-of-a-kind designs. We are honored to sell these beautiful clocks in our shop.

The workmanship of this family run company shows the attention to detail and the eye of serious artists.

They work with only the best cabinet makers and carvers. Ingolf does the clock making and Conny hand-paints the individual details on each of their clocks. Some of our favorites? The Dumpling Eater... The Musical Owl... and the large Chopper House.

Other favorites include the group of 19th Century reproduction "station" clocks whose beautiful proportions and intricate carving have no match in the industry.

Music CD's from Beegie Adair and others
Music CD's from Beegie Adair and others

We play and stock CD's that we hope will enhance the atmosphere of our store as much as it will enhance the atmosphere of your home. Some of our most popular CD's are those of jazz pianist Beegie Adair. Beegie's albums often catch the ear of our customers with familiar tunes like "What a Wonderful World" from Save The Last Dance For Me, and "Over the Rainbow" from Jazz At The Movies.

We also carry a variety of Celtic and Bluegrass instrumentals and other instrumentals like The Songbird Suite and Peace & Quiet, for those of us looking for a little more relaxation in our lives.

Celtic Art Tiles
Celtic Art Tiles

Celtic symbology connects not only to our local Irish history, but to the universal culture of nature and spirit. These Celtic Art Tiles from Wild Rose Pottery (another great find from the Ireland Show) bring this universal culture to our store and to any home. Hand-crafted in Canada, the tiles are mounted on a black wood base and are ready to be hung on the wall or placed in a stand on a mantle, shelf, or desk.