Wood Wick candles from Virginia Candle Company
Turkey candle card
Wood Wick, Ribbonwick, & Northern Lights Candles

We have been working with these USA companies for years now and we’re proud & excited to continue offering their exceptional products:

The Wood Wick candles from Virginia Candle Company are the best candles we’ve ever carried: a soy/paraffin blend with a wooden wick and extraordinary fragrance oils, they are long burning and incredibly efficient at providing fragrance for rooms of all sizes. Their delicate crackle just adds to the ambiance by evoking the first sounds a fire makes in winter or maybe the sound of summer rain when you listen from a porch.

Also made by Virginia Candle Company, Ribbonwick Candles combine the same high-quality wax and fragrance oils we've come to love in the Wood Wicks with a unique metal wick that creates a graceful S-shaped glow. Their glass and ceramic containers make them beautiful centerpieces and make for interesting planters or other decor pieces once the candle is fully burned through.

Northern Lights Candles is a lesser known company but their quality is also beyond compare. Some of their products they make themselves, other goods they import. But you can count on them for the innovative, the unique and the unexpected. We happily sell their German-made tapers in all sorts of seasonally appropriate colors; we love their “bottelabra” which converts any wine bottle into a taper holder; and our new favorite is the “candle card” which is a scented candle in a decorated glass holder – perfect for that unusual hostess gift.

Ornamental Lights
Commercial grade LED and other decorative lights

We carry a variety of decorative lights - from the straightforward white or multi-colored Christmas lights, to mood-setting Halloween lights, to grape cluster lights. No matter the time of year, we can help you illuminate your life just a little bit more.