Smokers, a.k.a, Smoking Men or “Rauchermanner”

Associated with blessings and good luck, these incense burning figures enjoy a longer history than Nutcrackers, reaching back to a time when most everyone burned incense to chase bad spirits or seek blessings, both in and out of church. The earliest figures had clay faces and wooden bodies; today’s figures are almost always all wood, with a metal plate inside upon which to rest the incense cone. While most figures are pipe-smoking male characters, there are more and more artists creatively working the smoking idea into female characters such as bakers with cookies sheets, women hikers gathering herbs, professionals taking a tea break and more. We sell many, many Father Christmas smokers around Christmastime, but some of the most engaging designs are traditional hobbies and occupations of the German culture and certainly make wonderful gifts year round, whenever you want to send a Good Luck! wish.