The beautiful Russian art form of nested dolls, called Matrushkas, is expressed in a myriad of different paint colors and paint styles.

Some are lacquered to a bright sheen; some are done in water color, and yet others combine water color and wood burn technique into a beautiful whole. Most are 5 nests, yet we have some up to 10 or 20 nests. We have Tchaikovsky matrushkas, old Baba Yaga matrushkas, some with depictions of St Basils square on them, all handcrafted by independent Russian artists and imported by our friend Alex.

NeQwa Inside Painted Ornaments
NeQwa Inside Painted Ornaments

These exquisitely painted ornaments are made by talented artists who paint on the inside of a glass ornament to showcase the paint color and give it a brilliant sheen. Each ornament comes packed in a gorgeous satin lined case with a certificate of authenticity and perfect for gift giving! NeQwa in the Chinese language means "Inside painted art" and these ornaments are created by a legion of talented artists including the stylized native peoples painting style of Nathalie Parenteau to the softly resonant painting style of Susan Winglet, all beautiful for that special place on you Christmas tree.

Glass Ornaments
Themed Ornaments, In Glass, Fabric & Wood

Themed ornaments, in glass, fabric & wood for:

  • Beach & Ocean lovers
  • Vacation fun
  • Animals & nature –  Lions and Tigers and… Dinosaurs, Oh My!
  • Hobby & Man Land – Sewing to Surfing, Tools, Beer and More
  • Kids’ stuff! – and things to get for the Tweens: PDA’s, sneakers, sports and more