Grandfather Clock
Floor Clocks

Originally called “tall case clocks,” these are clocks which were originally cabinets built around weight driven wall clocks, with the idea of improving accuracy by protecting the clocks working parts. Some time later they earned the nick name “grandfather” clocks because so often people had inherited the clocks, as in, “This was my grandfather’s clock…” And the name has stuck. Today the clocks range in style and cabinet production methods from the ultra-traditional, antique reproduction pieces we import from Comitti of London to the contemporary Ty Pennington creations we select from Howard Miller. Visit our showroom and you’ll also see one-of-a-kinds and retired cabinets which occasionally make us sigh, “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to…” Movements are almost always German 8-day, weight driven mechanical, but there are some nice cabinets around quartz movements, too.