Cuckoo clocks come from Germany’s Schwarzwald
Cuckoo Clocks

The only true cuckoo clocks come from Germany’s Schwarzwald, known in English as the Black Forest. This is actually where clock making was invented; cuckoos are a 17th century off-shoot of the clock technology which saw its start much earlier. The first cuckoos were modified, time-strike shield clocks (a shape we recognize from grandfather clock dials) which included the clever bellows arrangement necessary to create the “coo coo” sound.

Today’s cuckoos can range from the antique reproductions of these early shield clocks all the way to new, contemporary designs in bamboo and hand-painted boxes made by our friends Conny and Ingolf Haas, but also include the more familiar chalet houses, hunting carvings and birds and leaves designs which we carry from each of three factories. We invite you to read more, below:

Hoenes – A factory best at whimsy and novel design, with some great favorites being the Black Forest Maiden Bell Ringer series.

Anton Schneider – The largest factory exporting around the world, with a clock in every size and every style, from traditional birds & leaves to grand chalets.

Rombach and Haas
Rombach and Haas
Rombach and Haas

Our friends Conny and Ingolf Haas make extraordinary Black Forest clocks, from Antique Reproductions to the most modern of one-of-a-kind designs. We are honored to sell these beautiful clocks in our shop.

The workmanship of this family run company shows the attention to detail and the eye of serious artists.

They work with only the best cabinet makers and carvers. Ingolf does the clock making and Conny hand-paints the individual details on each of their clocks. Some of our favorites? The Dumpling Eater... The Musical Owl... and the large Chopper House.

Other favorites include the group of 19th Century reproduction "station" clocks whose beautiful proportions and intricate carving have no match in the industry.