Zöller & Born Beer Steins
Beer Steins

We work with three family factories for our German Beer Steins import: King Werk; Thewalt; and Zoeller & Born. Each factory and company has its own specialty and focus, but all of them our working in and around the Rheinland city of Koblenz where the clay is good for steins and other ceramic work.

The company King Werk often innovates with the unusual. For example, they’ve been doing a series of animal diorama steins featuring fox, wolf, boar and deer for many years.

The Thewalt factory focuses its efforts on the truly traditional. In business for 3 long generations, since the 19th century, they have the oldest molds and have the longest history of working with German folk artists to decorate their steins. Our favorites from them include the series of Germanic Knights in various colors and guises and their highly detailed stein celebrating the history (and end!) of the Berlin Wall.

The Zoeller & Born company is a pair of brothers and their wives, and they balance between the souvenir market and the more traditional items celebrating German history and culture. We particularly like their steins featuring the Deutsche Eagle and the crests of the German states.