The Hoptimist!

You may have met these cheerful creatures from Denmark in our store or outside at Street Fair, and truly Felt the Joy!

If not, let us introduce you....

Bimble the girl, Bumble the boy, and the babies hail from Denmark, where they were first designed in the late 70's as an expression of the power of simple, quality design. The Hoptimist company's slogan is "Feel the Joy," which we certainly do when we interact with them.

They bounce. They make you smile. They're irresistable.

Hoptimist Lineup


Though we are no longer selling the Hoptimist
through our website, they are still for sale in our shop,
and we can happily ship to you.
If you would like to order one,
please feel free to call or email us.


Each Hoptimist embodies a different theme. (Click here to see them in action).
Read below to pick the best color for you or your loved one...
(These color explanations are included on a card in each box).

The Red Hoptimist is Adventurous.

Today is about taking chances and making the leap.
Maybe it's trying that thing you've always been scared
to attempt (skydiving, anyone?). Maybe it's getting in your
car and driving to the closest town you've never visited before.
Maybe it's just ordering that dish you've
always wanted to try.


  The Orange Hoptimist is Creative.

Today is all about creative expression.
We're all artists in some way. Maybe your canvas is
an actual canvas, or the corners of a notebook.
Maybe it's a garden or a joyfully prepared meal.
Make something - anything! - today.


The Yellow Hoptimist is Curious.

Today is a day to remember the joy of learning.
In this giant world we live in, there is always
more to discover. Pick up a new book or chat with
someone interesting today. Ask yourself to consider
new points of view and remind yourself that
there's a whole world to explore.


  The Green Hoptimist is Kind.

Today we honor the connections that make life worth living.
Sharing our hearts with those around us.
Whether family, friends or neighbors, greeting each day
with love in our hearts makes the whole world a better place.


The Blue Hoptimist is Honest.

Today is about speaking your truth - being honest
with others and yourself. It's not always easy to
express our true selves, but it can we rewarding and freeing to do it.


The Pink Hoptimist is a Dreamer.

Today, allow yourself to think big, imagine the future,
and invent possibilities. Sometimes as adults, we can
forget to use our imaginations - something that came so
naturally when we were children. Think outside the box today.
Imagine something that makes you smile, whether it's a
bright future or a fantasy world.