The Season for Restoration and Repair

There's always an internal call to slow down in Winter, and it feels especially important after a full, fast-paced holiday season.  Even with the warmer-than-normal temperatures, our bodies and minds can still take advantage of the extended hours of darkness to repair and restore, ourselves and the personal spaces around us.  When attended to, this can be an incredible time of renewal.  There are as many ways to approach this time as there are people, of course.  In general, however, we have found ourselves offering support from here in a number of expected and unexpected ways.

One of our favorites here in the shop has become the ritual of burning one of the winter-season candle fragrances that we offer:  not too Christmas-y, yet certainly not too floral quite yet.  One personal favorite of mine is the Redwood candle fragrance from Wood Wick.  Another we've tried is the Cabin Retreat fragrance, which is also soothing for its deep aqua color.  Experiencing this while we listen to the gentle sounds of the water fountains and smaller, personal wind chimes moving in a fan's breeze in the front room gently returns each of us to our center.

We've also noticed that for mantique waterbury time strike clockany, as they slow down and contemplate the world around them, the winter season becomes the perfect time to repair a beloved clock.  There is something very satisfying about restoring a bit of family history to working order.  Whether it be a cuckoo clock from Grandpa or a mantel clock received as a wedding gift, the simple joy that can come from witnessing the renewal of purpose in a family heirloom is like nothing else:  it affirms us, somehow, by reminding us again of the unbreakable connections to our past.   We can't think of a better way to get body, mind and spirit ready for the first tastes of Spring.