Thinking on Clocks

To us, the clock is one of the most fascinating human inventions. As we seek to consistently measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units if the day; the lunar month and the year all sorts of science, poetry and philosophy come into play. Devices making use of gravity or the force of springs or even the changes in atmospheric pressure are all represented; regulating each for accuracy has been a different challenge. What is time? What is a minute? We can answer this with science, we can experience its elasticity with our minds and hearts… All this technology -- and art! – culminates in some of the finest examples of clockmaking today.

Clocks need not be fancy or fabulous to be wonderful. Many of us listen to our treasured clocks and feel a sense of comfort and safety from the soft "tick" and "tock"... Echoes perhaps of a childhood memory in the wonderfully comfortable house of a beloved grandparent, aunt or some other beloved relative. This is why clocks speak to us in such a powerful way...they begin to feel as old and wise as our family member might have, and because they live on, they come to be always present, like time itself.

When we walk through the Hickory Dickory Dock Clock gallery and listen to the soft Westminster chimes of some of our clocks it brings to us this feeling of comfort and simple joy. Sharing this joy by selling a clock is one of the best things about being in this business!