Thoughts on Christmas

One of the simplest joy s of this holiday is found in beautiful ornaments adorning our trees, each year retelling the stories of Christmases past… There’s something so powerful and beautiful in the experience of reconnecting to ourselves and our families in this way: special events immortalized in an ornament; sweet smiles shared while listening to "White Christmas" sung by Bing; a moment of calm enjoyed as we gaze at the lights on a beautiful tree; each allowing “now” and “then” to mingle in a magical way.

We hope to help you to create – and recreate! – your memories by offering the beautiful & traditional, the whimsical & creative. Christmas items, including Inge Glass ornaments for cooks and wine lovers; animals & birds for kids of all ages who love nature; Celtic crosses for those of us with a bit of the Irish in us; and, of course, Santa in many designs for the tree and mantel.

If you have shopped here before, you know that we specialize in all sorts of German Christmas items or, as they say in Germany, "Weinachtschmuk". Beautiful smoking men or Rauchermann and wonderfully fragrant incense to use in them; nutcrackers, displayed all over the store, those charming Christmas soldiers standing guard over your most treasured Christmas memories; magical angels doing the Christmas work with love…So many other beautiful things the Germans have brought to Christmas!