Why I Like Halloween

It occurred to me recently that as adults, we don't get to pretend anymore. We don't get to play. As children, we spent hours in our basements, bedrooms, and backyards, pretending. Sometimes we were superheroes and spell-casters; sometimes we were simply new and different versions of ourselves. (Ironically, as a kid I quite frequently pretended that I worked in a store - I was a child of simple pleasures).

That's why Halloween is such a special time for so many of us that stopped giving ourselves permission to play long ago. It's one day a year when we get to put on costumes and change who we are. We put on a hat or a wig or a garment and pretend together. No matter if our costumes are the products of months of detailed planning or thrown together in a few chaotic hours - with the right attitude, we become someone else, and for that night everyone else will see us that way too. For that night, just as peeled grapes becoming eyeballs, plastic becomes bone, and gauze becomes ghost, we become whoever (or whatever) we want to be.

Here in the store, we've seen first hand the infectious joy Halloween brings. We've watched families trying on our elaborate and beautiful Halloween Hats, giggling and snapping photos of each other. We've seen young children immersed in the world of our Department 56 Halloween Village in our year-round Halloween room. We've seen friends scream together and then laugh together after being startled by our Shrieking Witch.

Our hope is that when you step into our store, your imagination gets the better of you. We hope you find something - hand-made Peruvian Day of the Dead lanterns, playfully bizarre Joe Spencer designed stuffed Halloween figures, beautiful feathered masquerade masks - that you can bring home and play with. No matter how old you are.