You Have a "Raucherman" (Smoking Man). Now What?

You have purchased, or you may have received as a gift, a valuable collectible Smoking Man (German “Raucherman.”) This incense burning figurine represents the very highest tradition of handcrafted wood collectibles from the Erzgebirge region of Germany. This area is known in English as the “Ore Mountains” and is located along the Czech Republic border, between Dresden and Zwickau.

For generations the ingenious craftspeople of the Erzgebirge have produced the world’s finest wooden toys, Christmas ornaments and many decorative and useful household products from Linden, Beech and other fine hardwoods.

Your Smoking Figurine will burn incense. In the rural tradition of the Erzgebirge, incense was burned to bless the home and bring good luck and good health to its occupants. Smoking Men first appeared in the early 19th century. These figurines represent the folk life of those early times. Many occupations, trades and rural activities are portrayed, usually as a male figure smoking a pipe. Pipe smoking was most probably introduced in the Erzgebirge region by traders and workers who came from the Mid-East, drawn to the mines of the area.

The mines are long gone, but Smokers are still lovingly made by hand. Although today the smell of incense curling up from their “pipes” is most closely associated with the Christmas celebration, they are a festive “good wishes” addition to any setting.

Please read the following instructions to fully and safely enjoy your Smoker for many years to come.

Unpack the box with care. Many Smokers come with loose accessories which might be discarded or damaged if not unpacked carefully. Note also that the top and bottom of the Smoker is not fixed together; this allows for the burning incense cone to be placed inside, on the metal plate on the bottom half of the Smoker.

To burn incense, light it with a match and allow flame to burn long enough for the cone tip to glow, then blow out the flame. The glowing cone is then placed on the metal and the top half of the Smoker is put in place.

The Smoker should be placed on a level, secure surface, making sure that the incense cone stays in the upright position. Incense smoke will flow from the figurine’s mouth or other opening. Enjoy the aroma – and all the traditional blessings and good luck!

WARNING: Your Smoker is not a toy. It should never be used without adult supervision or left unattended while burning. While the inside of the figure is safe from the heat of the cone, should a lighted incense cone come into contact with an unprotected surface, it can cause charring or start a fire.