Frequently Asked Questions About Hickory Dickory Dock

When is your store open?

For most of the year we are open Wednesday - Saturday, 11am-6pm and Sunday,12 noon-5pm.

During the holiday season from Thanksgiving week through Christmas we are open everyday.

Please call (845)358-7474 or visit the website for accurate store hour information.

Do you do clock repair?

Yes! We are a full-service shop for clock repair and restoration. We offer free estimates for any clock carried into the shop.Though we are currently unable to make house calls, we can take floor clocks carried into our shop by appointment. Call to discuss the specifics of your clock and we can give you a good idea over the phone what kind of repair or restoration your clock might need and what it’s likely to cost.

How long does clock repair take?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what kind of repair your clock needs. We can speak more specifically about a timeframe for your repair in person or by phone. Work that goes to our clockmaker often takes longer that work that stays in-house.

Our in-house tech does mechanical/cuckoo clock oilings and adjustments, quartz movement installations, and mechanical movement installations here, in our shop. Our off-site clockmaker handles new cuckoo movements and mechanical clock overhauls. (An overhaul is a complete disassembly and cleaning of a clock movement, which includes re-bushing of pivots and necessary adjustments.) We deliver and pick up batches of work from our clockmaker approximately every five weeks. The length of the cycle can vary, depending on the size of the batch, time of year, and other factors. The minimum amount of time your clock will be away from you is five weeks, but it can be longer, depending on when you arrive in our shop. For example: If you bring us your clock the day after a batch drop-off, it will safely stay in our shop for the five-or-so weeks until the next exchange, and then return to our shop approximately five weeks later, making the total time away from you 10 weeks.

How long is your clock repair warranty?

Quartz and mechanical repairs come with a one-year warranty, from the date of the repair; new mechanical floor clock movements come with a two-year warranty.

Do you sell clock parts? (hands/movements/suspension springs, etc)

No. Though we offer full-service clock repair, we do not sell individual parts by themselves. 30 years of experience tells us that selling individual parts opens the door too many potential problems at home and/or down the road. The only way we can confidently and safely help customers repair their clocks is for us to see the repair and install process all the way through here.

My mechanical clock is running fast or slow... how do I regulate it?

Sometimes a mechanical clock's inability to keep time can be indicative of a need for service. However, all mechanical clocks must be regulated at home over the course of their life.

The position of the bob on the pendulum determines the speed at which the clock runs. Lower is slower. If your clock is running fast, lower the bob (depending on your clock, you may do this by simply sliding the bob down the shaft, or by turning a nut that keeps the bob in place). Once you've made your adjustment, set the clock to the correct time, and come back to reevaluate in 24 hours. If the clock is still running fast, lower the bob a bit more. If it's running slow now, make a smaller adjustment in the opposite direction.

Regulating a clock can take a few days of fine-tuning. Just be sure to return to the clock at the same time each day. (Off by five minutes in one day is ten minutes in two days, fifteen minutes in three days, etc...)

How should I hang my clock?

Cuckoo clocks and box wall clocks need more than just a nail or screw.

For sheet rock walls, we recommend a hollow wall anchor (molly screw).

If you are hanging your clock on plaster walls, we recommend paying a visit to your local hardware store. (Herb Lack on Main Street is a great Nyack option.) The folks there will be able to council you on an appropriate piece of hardware.

Remember: the cabinet needs to be flush against the wall, and the head of the hardware should be flush inside the clock (so that the act of winding the clock will not cause your clock to wiggle off it's hanger over time). 

Where do I park?

If you are coming to see us, please park in our customer parking lot, located behind our building, accessible from Depew Avenue.

In general, Nyack street parking is metered during the business day Monday through Saturday, and free on Sundays. Click here for everything you need to know about Nyack's street parking, including info on municpal lots, meter times, and how to get a free 15 minute pass.

Is it possible to order from Hickory Dickory Dock online?

We do not at this time have a shopping-cart style website. However, sometimes people who cannot physically visit our store have worked with us over email or phone. Whether you're remembering something you've seen or bought in our store before, or looking for something you think we can help you find... don't be shy about reaching out! 

Do you carry anything other than Christmas?

Hickory Dickory Dock carries many spring and garden items year round: Fountains, Windchimes of varying shapes and sizes, cast resin frogs, wooden Ducks, many flower picks and garlands, Buddhas, paper lanterns are just some items.

We also carry sock monkeys, Beach themed ornaments, Easter William Schweizer pewter, Easter German woodcraft (Bunnies in clothing doing all sorts of fun things), Glass birds, glass Spring and garden ornaments, many types of candles and selected candle accessories, German incense of many varieties and scents, German steins and Meissenberg Design wooden and metal wall plaques, metal tavern puzzles and a big selection of children’s toys.

We are more than a Christmas and clock store! If you are looking for a special gift at any time of the year, we are glad to assist you in purchasing a beautiful item from our store!

Where do the items you sell come from?

Some of our customers think of us as "the German place," since so many of our favorite things to sell come from Germany. Our love of German clocks and cuckoos eventually evolved into a full offering of German crafts: nutcrackers, smoking men, schwibboggen, beer steins, pyramids, and more. 

In addition to our German goods, we proudly sell items from all over the globe. Lemnos clocks from Japan, Nativity figures from Italy, alpaca-knit ornaments from Peru, Celtic Art tiles from Canada, Wild Woolies birdhouses from Nepal, and Hoptimists from Denmark are just a few examples.

We also carry many items made in the USA: QMT Windchimes, WoodWick and RibbonWick candles, NoMonet earrings, Meissenberg Designs signs, P. Flynn greeting cards, Retro Pets animal art, and Byers' Choice carolers, to name a few.